Aims & Objectives

NIMA Ayurved Immunity Clinic

Aims & Objectives

To increase the general Immunity (Vyadhikshmatva) of General or Co-morbid population with help of Ayurved Special rituals Dinacharya,Rutucharya, Herbal Medication, Yoga and mental healthas a preventive measurein view of Covid 19.


Covid 19 Pandemic is engulfing the general population and is affecting the masses too. It has been been observed that high percentage of infected people has no or few symptoms. Wherever population with less immunity or co morbid diseases develops moderate to severe symptoms with high mortality.


To establish immunity in Public at a large through Ayurved Immunity Clinic with specific reference to Vyadhikshamatva


  • Primary : To establish immunity in co morbid Population through Ayurved Immunity Clinic with specific reference to Vyadhikshamatva
  • Secondary : To decrease the mortality of Covid- 19 positive population and decrease the severity of symptoms in Covid-19 infected population


  • Assessment of individual Immunity
  • Includes Patient self-assessment form : To be filled by patient
  • Doctor assessment form : to be filled by doctor which includes detailed case history
  • Points in consideration : Age, pre-existing diseases, preventive and curative
  • The Doctors will be trained for the Immunity clinic Protocol online with following criteria

ImmunityClinic Criteria

  1. How to assess the immunity according to Ayurveda.
  2. Relation between Immunity and Ayurveda.
  3. Importance of Ayurveda life style – Dincharya, Rutucharya and Immunity.
  4. Relation between seasonal purification(panchakarma) and Immunity.
  5. To avoid or to control incidence of Covid 19.
  6. To increase the Immunity of Co – morbid individuals
  7. To Prescribe proper nutrition advice to increase Immunity.
  8. To Prescribe proper herbal medicines to increase Immunity.