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NIMA Ayurved Immunity Clinic

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

About NIMA Ayurved Immunity Clinic Basic Concept

Immunity is one's inner power of mind, body and soul's ability to avoid or not to be affected by diseases and to fight against diseases causes to individuals. Immunity relates with SAHAJ ( Hereditary), Other is Kalaj ( Seasonal or age specific) and Yuktikrut (aquired). We at Immunity clinic assess the status of an individual with set protocol for scoring the level of immunity.

Basic concept behind Immunity clinics is Assessment of person's immunity score and advising him/her a personalised Medication, Aahar, Vihaar and Yogopachar as per his/her Immunity Score.

Any registered medical practitioner under MCIM and having life membership of National Integrated Medical Association can enroll to set up NAIC. Formalities will be oriented once you are enrolled through the registration link provided.

Not at all. You can run NAIC at your existing clinic. You just need to display the awareness material provided by us at your clinic to sensitize the common people about Immunity Clinic. You can dedicate a specific time slot for Immunity Clinic apart from your regular OPD timings

NAIC committee will have rights to access all your NAIC related data in person or remotely. You (selected and approved doctor) have to accept the common branding and Information, Education & Communication material aggregated by NAIC committee.

Team of expert has develop the set of protocol based on thematic khowledge brief in ancient texts of Ayurved with special reference to Vyadhikshamatva. One has to just fill up the assessment form under the guidance of Physician at NAIC.

About Enrollment For NIMA Ayurvedic Immunity Clinic

Enrollment for Ayurvedic Immunity Clinic is available for specific time duration. You will need to submit form of enrollment when this option is open (available Here)

After submitting enrollment form you will receive a authentication PIN & verification link on your registered email id. Click on the given link to authenticate your form submission

Please check your Inbox or Spam / Junk folder of your email account for email received after enrollment form submission.

Watch How To Check Spam / Junk Folder ? A video prsentation

Alternately, you can retrieve details via this page

There is no fees for online applications for NAIC but if get selected after scrutiny by NAIC committee will have to pay the enrollment fees

If you are selected to run immunity clinic, NAIC committee will notify you via phone call / sms / whatsapp / email.

Your application will be in queue and you will be preferred in next allotments of NIMA Ayurved Immunity Clinic.

There are mainly two criterias for the same. One is On First Come First Serve basis and second one is area of practice, population of that area and number of previously alloted NIMA Ayurved Immunity Clinics in that area.

General F.A.Q.s

You can contact us via info[at]naic[dot]in or Helpline No. : +91 94227 70565